About the enterprise

DigiKom Ltd. is a surveying and GIS oriented service enterprise. The owners are Hungarian people.
It was founded in 1993 as the legal successor of an engineering office in operation since 1984.

The personal and financial facility bases of the DigiKom Ltd. were given by the several thousand digital maps created for the German market.

After the foundation of DigiKom Ltd. it was the Hungarian dealer of the GRADIS GIS systems from Straessle, from 1996 it was a dealer of SIEMENS-NIXDORF (SICAD).
Depending on the actual task the DigiKom Ltd. creates GIS databases, digital maps and applications for other GIS and CAD systems (MapInfo, AutoCAD, AutoCAD MAP, Autodesk World, ARC/INFO, ArcView) too.

Our leader colleagues are surveyor engineers, so we have stronger and stronger field surveying and engineering surveying business. We are prepared for highly accurate surveying jobs, we have significant referencies on the field of setting out, controll measurment and internal surveying of buildings.

Before the foundation of DigiKom Ltd. its surveyor engineers specialised at cadaster gained a lot of experience on creating digital cadaster maps. Nowadays this is one of the most significant activities of the enterprise.

On the field of software development we created the necessary tools for our digital map related tasks till 1996. Afterwards the surveying and GIS related software projects became more and more significant. Among others converters were developed between different GIS/graphical data formats (SICAD SQD, GRADIS 2000 DAT, CGM/Gauss).

DigiKom Ltd. has the up-to-date total stations, precision levels and optical plummets and other surveyor instruments and tools for surveying and engineering surveying activities.

DigiKom Ltd. possesses the necessary hardware and software to create digital maps and GIS databases. We have digitizer workstations equipped with A/0 size precision  digitizer tables, up-to-date PCs, A/0 color raster plotter, etc.

The staff of DigiKom Ltd. is able to create digital maps using digitizer tables or head-up digitizing technology depending on the demand of our customers.

As the result of the export activity in Germany, DigiKom Ltd. lays stress on quality.
Our colleagues meet the strickest quality requirements, Continuous control is a must in creating maps.

Memberships of DigiKom Ltd.:
- Chamber of Hungarian Engineers
- Hungarian Society of Surveying,
Mapping and Remote Sensing
- gita Hungary
(formerly AM/FM-GIS Hungary) 
- Hungarian Society of
Surveying and Mapping Enterprises 

Some colleagues of the enterprise are lecturer at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. The connection covers not only educational tasks but working together as well, especially in the field of software developmet.